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UK cover art for "Spook Country" by William Gibson


Which will be out shortly after the US tour ends.

N.B. the original image on the William Gibson blog entry of Wednesday, February 07, 2007 seems to include some unique ID tracking data in the EXIF metadata hidden within the file, which we have removed in our version above:


Format : image/jpeg
Creator Tool : Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh
Create Date : 2007:02:06 15:35:40Z
Modify Date : 2007:02:06 15:35:40Z
Metadata Date : 2007:02:06 15:35:40Z
Document ID : uuid:45EF3E43B76E11DB98EDFAA302039FC0
Instance ID : uuid:45EF3E44B76E11DB98EDFAA302039FC0
Derived From Instance ID : uuid:45EF3E42B76E11DB98EDFAA302039FC0
Derived From Document ID : uuid:45EF3E42B76E11DB98EDFAA302039FC0


Image Width : 454
Image Height : 680
Image Size : 454x680
Thumbnail Image : (Binary data 4583 bytes)

Is this deliberate or inadvertent ?

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