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UK Uncorrected Proof Copy of "Spook Country"

Annoyingly, there is what seems to be an Uncorrected Proof Copy of the United Kingdom version of William Gibson's "Spook Country" for sale on eBay, ahead of the official publication date in August.


The blurb at the bottom is different from the image on Amazon.co.uk, instead of quoting the The Independent, it seems to say:

"Gibson remains, like Chandler, an intoxicating stylist"
New York Times

The text at the top of the cover image on eBay is too small to read properly, but it seems to say:

uncorrected proof copy


Yes, I bought one. Good read so far, halfway through it... hasn't got the pull of Pattern Recognition though ...

Yes, I bought one, too. I think a lot of WGBers did. It's not going to stop me buying a 1st ed and a pb when they come out, so what's the harm? As for spoilers, well, you always have to be careful about that. I shan't publish my review until it's published.

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