April 13, 2008

Spook Country cover artwork - German and French editions



* Gebundene Ausgabe: 448 Seiten
* Verlag: Klett-Cotta; Auflage: 1 (März 2008)
* Sprache: Deutsch
* ISBN-10: 3608937692
* ISBN-13: 978-3608937695
* Größe und/oder Gewicht: 21 x 13,4 x 3,2 cm


Détails sur le produit

* Broché: 492 pages
* Editeur : Au Diable Vauvert (6 mars 2008)
* Collection : LITT GENERALE
* Langue : Français
* ISBN-10: 2846261563
* ISBN-13: 978-2846261562

Spook Country cover art - paperback and large print editions

It is unclear if the French or the US paperback cover artwork will be used on the United Kingdom edition:


Product details

* Paperback: 384 pages
* Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd (31 Jul 2008)
* Language French
* ISBN-10: 014101671X
* ISBN-13: 978-0141016719


Product details

* Paperback: 384 pages
* Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group (3 Jun 2008)
* Language English
* ISBN-10: 0425221415
* ISBN-13: 978-0425221419


Product details

* Hardcover: 571 pages
* Publisher: Thorndike Press; Lrg edition (9 Jan 2008)
* Language English
* ISBN-10: 1410403114
* ISBN-13: 978-1410403117
* Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 14 x 3 cm

July 28, 2007

David H.Wells "Lone Figure in Street" photo used on the UK cover of "Spook Country" by William Gibson

The "Lone Figure in Street" photograph used on the United Kingdom edition cover of William Gibson's Spook Country, copyright David H.Wells / Photonica is available via Getty Images


The bottom half of the photo is used on the front cover, the top half is used on the back cover.

Image 6210-000001 (Rights-managed)

Collection: Photonica

Caption: Lone Figure in Street

Photographer: David H Wells

Release Information: No release.

Restrictions: Cannot be used for or to illustrate the following subject areas in the territories indicated: Publishing - Textbooks. Perpetual.

Availability: Image availability for this image cannot be guaranteed until time of purchase.

Please note: Exclusive usage in APAC requires additional rights clearance. In Singapore and other select countries, Photonica is represented by a network partner. Please contact your local Getty Images office for further information.

UK edition of "Spook Country" cover artwork and blurb photos

Here are some photos of my UK edition of Spook Country which Blackwell's bookshop managed to dig out for me on Friday 27th July 2007.

The different shades are due to the presence or absence of camera flash, which tends to glare off the shiny dust jacket cover. The shade is, to the human eye, effectively black.

I still think that the US cover artwork with the edges of the buildings and the slate grey / blue / green sky and clouds, looks the best.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images:

UK_Spook_Country_front_1_300.jpg UK_Spook_Country_front_2_300.jpg

More images and blurb:

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July 22, 2007

Grey cover art for the US edition of "Spook Country" ?

The US edition of Spook Country seems to have cover artwork in which the background sky / clouds have turned out a rather more monochromatic shade of grey than the slate grey with hints of blue and green (and black) version released as images earlier (see this blog's Cover Artwork archive for comparison).

This could be an artefact of camera flashes etc. but if true, it does not appear quite as attractive as the original US artwork. It is still better than the UK edition artwork in my opinion.

Image from Have You Seen Mr. Darcy ? blog:


Image from Ebay:


May 6, 2007

UK Uncorrected Proof Copy of "Spook Country"

Annoyingly, there is what seems to be an Uncorrected Proof Copy of the United Kingdom version of William Gibson's "Spook Country" for sale on eBay, ahead of the official publication date in August.


The blurb at the bottom is different from the image on, instead of quoting the The Independent, it seems to say:

"Gibson remains, like Chandler, an intoxicating stylist"
New York Times

The text at the top of the cover image on eBay is too small to read properly, but it seems to say:

uncorrected proof copy

May 1, 2007

Spook Country - US Advance Reader Copy on eBay


Uncorrected Proof for Limited Distribution

This white background / sky is not as effective as the blue / grey clouds versions of the US cover (see previous blog postings below).

As a fan and likely customer, the appearance of this item, ahead of the publication date for sale on eBay, is frustrating and annoying.

April 24, 2007

New versions of the Spook Country cover artwork

The online bookselling giant Amazon, seems to have two new versions of the Spook Country cover artwork online.

US version - April 2007:


Note the disappearance of the words "a novel" and the emphasis on the corner edges of the prismatic building shapes compared with the previous version.

US Version February 2007:


UK version April 2007:


N.B. the unnecessary blurb:

'More insight, wit and sheer style than any of his contemporaries' Independent

UK version February 2007:


February 8, 2007

UK cover art for "Spook Country" by William Gibson


Which will be out shortly after the US tour ends.

N.B. the original image on the William Gibson blog entry of Wednesday, February 07, 2007 seems to include some unique ID tracking data in the EXIF metadata hidden within the file, which we have removed in our version above:


Format : image/jpeg
Creator Tool : Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh
Create Date : 2007:02:06 15:35:40Z
Modify Date : 2007:02:06 15:35:40Z
Metadata Date : 2007:02:06 15:35:40Z
Document ID : uuid:45EF3E43B76E11DB98EDFAA302039FC0
Instance ID : uuid:45EF3E44B76E11DB98EDFAA302039FC0
Derived From Instance ID : uuid:45EF3E42B76E11DB98EDFAA302039FC0
Derived From Document ID : uuid:45EF3E42B76E11DB98EDFAA302039FC0


Image Width : 454
Image Height : 680
Image Size : 454x680
Thumbnail Image : (Binary data 4583 bytes)

Is this deliberate or inadvertent ?

US cover art for "Spook Country" by William Gibson


"Spook Country" by cyberpunk author William Gibson is due to be published in the USA on the 7th of August 2007, according to

Hardcover: 384 pages Publisher: Putnam Adult (August 7, 2007) Language: English ISBN-10: 0399154302 ISBN-13: 978-0399154300


List Price: $25.95
Price: $17.13
plus post and packing translate this price into £11.89 plus post and packing.